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Where the World is Heading

I worry about the world. At the rate it is going, it is difficult to foresee the race of humans existing for more than a thousand years more. I mean, has anyone been to Kurla station between 6 and 8 PM? The sheer mass of people, the very atmosphere of hostility, the absolute disregard for human values would make even the strongest wonder when they can leave the place.

There is only one way to deal with such circumstances – indifference. Indians (at least Mumbaiites) have grown a thick skin to deflect all the atrocities that their senses have to encounter on a daily basis.

Do you remember the time when there used to be a dull ache near your heart when an old beggar woman who could barely walk and who wore thick glasses came and begged for a rupee at your car window? Do you remember the days when the news of a rape or murder used to send chills down your spine? No more, though. Such run-of-the-mill negativities don’t disturb us anymore. Do you ever stop to wonder what has happened to your conscience? Do you ever stop to ponder what exactly it is that has died within you that you cannot feel concern for your fellow humans anymore? I think that would well be worth the time spent. It’s an ancient technique called Swadhyay – introspection.

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Aditya Nair

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