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Rains vs Life

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What are the thoughts you start getting in your mind?

Getting wet in rains, eating hot Maggi or some Pakode, you also feel dull because of the weather.

Have you heard that when the rains are just left from the sky, the water is so pure and clean, you can directly consume it? 

Yes, it is true, only when the rains come in the contact of the atmosphere, they get dirt in them, and finally is received by us. 

Similarly, going back to our past or just by observing some babies, you must’ve noticed that when the babies just come out of their mother’s womb they are pure in nature don’t care about the society, the only thing that matters to them are their PARENTS. 

As a pure raindrop descends those few kilometers, because of the atmosphere it gets mucky and dusty. Same is with our own lives, that small baby when grows slowly from the age of 14 till 40-45, comes in the contact with society, how to live, how to talk, how to make a difference and get recognized. In this period we have already forgotten who we are and what we were, what we can do. We are so capable of doing things, but we procrastinate.

Next is finally when the drop lands its flight on the ground, we need to purify it and then consume it. 

Have you ever noticed that why people mainly do all the spirituality related things after old age?

That’s because they finally touched the ground of reality and have stopped living in the reflection of what will call LIFE. 

Just think, if a raindrop would not have been got dirty because of the atmosphere, his time of not going through the process of filtration would have been saved.

In a similar way, when we realise the mere purpose of our living, we can make effective use of our living. 

So why not start the process of cleansing NOW?


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