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Background and Introduction:

Situation 1:

I went to the famous restaurant in town, and I overheard a conversation from my neighboring table. The conversation went like,

Boy 1: Dude, I’m hungry AF, order something quickly.

Boy 2: Bro, I’m not that much hungry, I’ll eat few bites only. So it will be better if you place the order.

Boy 1: Arre bhai, I’m not at all good at it, you place the order I’ll eat anything.

and it went on.

Situation 2:

I was a part of a fat Indian wedding, and while managing the few parts of that wedding, I realized that many people are afraid to make a decision. When it comes to take a call for something, even the elders get hesitation about the future consequences.


One thing is quite clear, people avoid to make any call because of fear. They have the fear of public opinions (Log/wo kya kahenge?), failures. Also they don’t want to put their self into a responsible position. I might be exaggerating it, but I find such people nothing less than cowards.

As a human being, we take the number of decisions when it comes to small activities from daily routine. Just like, which pair of socks to wear, how to set the hairs (if present any), What to spend a note or a coin, Et cetera Et cetera. So we just need to carry on this habit to a next level as simple as that. Start making calls about your career, education, various aspects of life as no one knows it better than you.

See their is always a possibility of things going wrong, but if that happened because of our decision, then at least we will learn something out of it. And if the things went right, then whola it was your decision, all the credit is duly yours.


Understand this, when you take the responsibility for something, it brings you the power. When you’ve the power, you can make the decisions as per your will. And this habit of making decisions, put you into the responsible position. This a viscous cycle, once you’ve started being a part of it, you’ll understand how effective this is.

All the successful people have one thing in common, they never afraid to make the calls. As they know this golden sutra, ‘I might fail if they make this call but I will certainly fail if, I didn’t make any!’

Thanks for reading.


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