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An era of illiteracy!


When India was under the British Raj, then rulers had this favorite policy of ‘Carrot and Stick’! Which is nothing but the goody goody name allotted to the ‘Divide and Rule’ policy. In the modern history of India it’s observed that Britishers used this C&S policy quite often. During 1900-1910, when the both the forces i.e. moderates and extremists in INC were strengthening themselves. Britishers applied this for the first time by consolidating the moderates and suppressing the extremists. Which ultimately caused the Split of INC at the Surat session.

Britishers used this policy of C&S again during 1920-1925, to create a gap between Swarajyaists and No-changers, but they failed drastically this time, as the dominant leaders of that time actually got their lesson from Surat Split. In the long run from Khilafat Movement to Independence of India, Britishers applied this policy silently. And Finally left the India with many unsolved communal issues.

Current Scenario

Some of the leaders from post independence era are capitalizing this unsolved communal issue, instead of fixing it. And while doing so, they cared only for their political or monetary profits. The few of our current politicians are dealing with this unsolved issues is pretty similar to C&S policy. They will pamper the one section of society while spread the outrage against other section. And while doing so they take the help of historical incidents. The most recent example of this issue is Koregaon-Bhima violence.

Necessary actions

Forget the all kind of history, concentrate on the present issues. Understand that if someone is widely pampering a particular section of society, a stick is about to fall on some other sections. Let’s decide and that we will never fall prey to any of such acts in future. Also this a high time to come out of this illiteracy!

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