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Time management to standout in the Society!

  • I don’t get the sufficient time.
  • Sorry bro, Running short on time.
  • Just wait for 5 minutes, I’ll be there in next 15 minutes.

These are some common trends we hear around on daily basis. How can we tackle this issue of time crisis?

How to earn the 25th hour on the clock?

Love what you do and Do what you love! It is one of the most widely used motivation terms. Imagine if you’re engaged in those activities which you like to perform, then you always forget to keep the track of time.  Like every-time my 2 hours of chess session used to get extended by an hour at least. On other hands, the Biology’s lecture of 45 minutes was felt like nothing less than a lecture of 45 torturing years. So, the point I want to make here is, if you’re performing your activities by taking interest in them, you are actually saving your time and which is almost equivalent to earning that extra hour in the clock.

How to go further and earn the 26th hour on the clock?

In today’s world because of all sort of technology we have, the abounded amount of information is available to comprehend. If we didn’t analyze and filter out the information of our use, then we might end up in the miserable situation. Proper filters and the faster means to get that information are the keys to learn and grow at faster rate. Also, the skill of identifying and eliminating the unnecessary acts from routine is very essential. Essential in form of time generation.  Now, what if the possibility eliminating the unnecessary chores is zero? Simply just speed them up or start doing multi-tasking.

Combining the Interest theory with strong filters and speeding up of the activities, we can earn that 26th hour!

Why get those extra hours? How to develop the interest in topics which we hate? How to create good filters and boost up our speed for daily chores?

Having an extra minute will give you an edge over the majority population. And here we are talking about an extra hour!  It will make your personality dynamic-efficient-confident and most importantly a successful one.

Doing pranayama-yoga is a good way to build the focus of mind. Which will help in generating good concentration power and initiative to take interest in any given topic. The regular practice of meditation along with yoga and pranayama and physical exercise will make your filters and comprehension power stronger. About speeding up of daily chores, it completely depends on their practice.

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