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Procrastinate the Procrastination!


“Hey listen, there this YES+! course and it’s regarding the soft skills, life hacks, and meditation. It’s going to start from next Tuesday, let’s join it.” I told my friend. To which she replied, “Bhargav, I already heard many reviews of this course. I would love to join it, but I’ll do it in next month, pakka promise!”

‘Hey dude, you’re saying this same line from last couple of years. At least you should learn how to say NO in clear voice. Any way, thanks because you gave me a topic for my blog.’

My mind whispered in my ears after listening to her reply.


Procrastinating or postponing a thing is the easiest task, that a human can perform. Basically, the human tendency is heavily leaned towards the phenomenon of ‘Let’s take a break now, I’ll do this in future!’ This is because we give importance to the over pampering of our mind and body and ignores the discipline and rules.

I’m involved in this activity for a long time or I’m doing this activity, for quite long time. So I’ll take a break now and resume it later.

Is that particular thought which generally provokes the procrastination. As during the break, we find something more interesting than our (previous) ongoing activity. The distractions like:

  • Rest from routine.
  • I hate to do this.
  • Just one last time.
  • I’ll do it tomorrow for sure.
  • No one cares about it,

are some other examples of provocations.


Learn to say ‘No’. Your ‘No’ should be that much loud and clear that even your own mind won’t dare, to go against that ‘No’. Also develop this habit of, ‘I will not stop, until this ongoing task is done.’

There is this psychological theory of countdown, to tackle procrastination. Which is explained as, before doing any task just give a countdown 3,2,1 and start doing that activity? That countdown will help in managing the resistance made by mind against that activity. Which works every time, I’ve experienced it.

Proper work management, time allocations, reviews of an on-going task, elimination of unnecessary tasks are some secondary factors which will help us in overcoming the procrastination.


Laziness, Poor Time management, Stress due to Piles of pending work are nothing but the results of procrastination. The habit of postponing the important things is most dangerous enemy for any human being who is working towards his/her growth. And unfortunately, this demon has very strong roots and he never settles with negotiations. We have to uproot him.

So for a better life, let’s take a small step by procrastinating the procrastination.

Thanks for reading.


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shunya (zero), bokya (male cat) ani aalshi (lazy)

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