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As part of a ritual, on 26th Jan I went to my school to attend the flag hoisting ceremony. As expected, a huge crowd was present there. Crowd inclusive of many faces, different-different thoughts, many religions, various sexual orientations and what not. The one thing which pleased me was, for that particular moment every one present over there was just an Indian.

After every one paid their tribute to the Tri-colored Flag, with National anthem. Surprisingly, an Indian crowd disappeared in a blink of an eye. I overheard many conversations in that crowd, which were discussing the Riots of Bhima-Koregaon, Padmavat movie issue, Tripple Talaq issue, Modi’s speech at Davos etc. Some of them were expressing very extreme rightist and leftist opinions, while some were talking with rational view on the issue, and the majority of the crowd was like, ‘Such a things are very dangerous, it shouldn’t happen to our society.’ ‘These political leaders just take advantage of diversified pride of the various groups of the society, and make money and fame out of that.’ ‘We shouldn’t fall prey to such a traps.’ and most terrifying sentence going from the crowd was, ‘Arre, chhod na apan apna dekhte, apan sahi hai na, phir baat khatam!’

This was quite terrifying to hear, that as the citizens of the great republic, we are so busy in concentrating on personal issues only. Personal may includes individuals and groups. See this is very high time for our nation, as Swami Vivekananda said ‘If, we want to make India great again, then throw all of the gods-idols-believes into the junkyard and start worshiping Mother India only! Be the doers and leaders, as that is the only thing which will help you in fulfilling your dreams.’ Stop giving importance to the personal and tribe’s pride, instead start contributing to the economy. Don’t hold the economy and citizens of your country for the sake of some piece of historical personal pride, as it ends in nothing constructive.

Also one of the legendary freedom fighter SwatantraVeer Vinayak Sawarkar wrote that “The only thing which is holding Indian society in backward position is the strong religious and cultural beliefs of the Indian citizens. Start following the scientific approach only, it’ll take Indian society to new heights.”

On the ending note I just want to say that, as the most learned generation of working class in the history of this great republic country, it’s our moral responsibility to abolish the demons like caste system, false pride from the history of particular tribes, hatred because of religious orientation and falsely glorified culture. Also from recent incidents, we should learn to take rational stands in the current affairs.

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