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Extraordinary Ambitions


In our day to day jog of life, we do tend to take it for granted, tending to oversimplify things.

But hey, stop right there, right now!

“Remember, men become great by thinking great. Your thoughts make or break your life. Believe in yourself accompanied by unwavering focus, diligent work & perseverance.” Such oversimplified words ha?  I doubt we even stop by and give a second thought to them.

Remember, some people succeed because they’re destined to but most people succeed BECAUSE they’re determined to.

Indra Nooyi works from 7 am to 8 pm, taking home tons of mails to read overnight, wishing there were 35 hours in a day to do more work. Oh and all of this, while handling two daughters.
Oprah Winfrey certainly didn’t have a trust fund to fall back on. Fired from television reporting because she was “unfit for TV” , did I mention she was a billionaire at 32? Even if you’re not an avid reader , chances are you’ve heard of JK Rowling.When she wrote her first book – she was an impoverished single mother struggling with depression and was rejected several times until one publisher decided to take risk on the unknown author, and it turned out to be the best business decisions to date.                                                                                                                                                                                                Bill Gates didn’t seem like a shoe in for success after dropping out of HARVARD. Albert Einstein was called mentally handicapped, slow & anti social. Yes yes, the same man who won the Noble prize and changed the face of modern physics. Walt Disney was fired on the ground that he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas!” Thomas Edison was (apparently) too stupid to learn anything. Charlie Chaplin’s acts were rejected initially because” they were a little too nonsensical to ever sell “

And you’re thinking of settling? HELL NO, DON’T!

Stop being satisfied with the ordinary! Dream big. Make, do and feel proud. Also, how much more meaningful it would be if people would start saying “Oh she/he succeeded because he was VERY hard-working” rather than “Oh she’s/he’s very intelligent. We aren’t blessed with those kind of brains. Aukaat ke bahar hai” . Latter is the highest level of lameness achieved.

Dream big for no one but you. Work hard for no one but you. Struggle, day in and day out, for no one but you. Persevere for no one but you. Maintain diligent and unwavering focus on your goals, for no one YOU. It’s always , always been you! This is your life. Become selfish when it comes to your ambitions and dreams. Live, breathe and dream about it. Make it your very existence. Then my friend, I assure you, you will see, what an extraordinary life looks like, from as close as possible.
Remember, no goal, or no dream is too big to be achieved. Don’t let the grey world dull the glitter in your veins.

Keep your head high and ambitions higher!

Stop oversimplifing your advent on this wonderful planet! It is a godamn big deal man! Thousands of stars conspired to give you this life. This life, that is solely yours. The least you can do(for you) is aspire to be anything but ordinary.

Endeavour to make a mark! Be kind. Work hard (but sshhh,in silence). Decide what you wanna be, how you wanna be and and most importantly, be who you wanna be.
Slog baby, slog! I promise you, it’ll be worth it.

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