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Life Coach #1 How To Effectively Balance Career & Relationship? – My Answer to real life questions

I share real life stories only, which people like you and me encounter. My Answer to real life questions:

Let’s start with this question a coachee asked me, (You can ask your questions in the comment box, and I will do my best to answer!)

I am unable to spend time with my gf leaving my CAT studies, & we had a fight. Now I can’t cope with the fight or concentrate on studies. What do I do?

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Dear one,

From what you have written it seems she loves you and wants to spend more time with you. You are very genuinely seeking a solution to balance both your CAT preparation and your girlfriend.

One thing you mentioned is you two HAD a fight. Now, the fight has already happened, consider that you have already lived through the fight and congratulate yourself that you have already coped up with it! It is past.

Presently, for a way forward, answer these questions I ask, to yourself, better still write them down on a nice crisp piece of paper, and you will arrive at a conclusion.

What will I get if I crack my CAT? What will I lose if I fail my CAT exams?

Show these answers to your girlfriend.

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Don’t you think sitting down and communicating with your girlfriend will help?

I am sure she wants to build a successful and loving life with you. Love is already there as is evident in your writing.

“Now, about success, ask her if she would like a struggling life or would love a comparatively comfortable life, which you are taking efforts to give her?”

You need her support to build a quality life for both, right? Short-term loss for long-term gain or do you and your girlfriend prefer the other way round 😀 ?

And, lastly, about time, rather than quantity, quality time would help reduce the fights. I have observed in my years of practice when two people are with each other, they have to be WITH each other, not with pseudo smart gadgets. Click To Tweet

Some ideas for quality time together:

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Quality time

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  • Meditate together, Artofliving meditation helps me bond with people. Nothing beats this quality! As you do it regularly, you will observe the understanding improves and the bond grows stronger if that’s what you want.
  • Pursue your common hobbies.
  • Help each other out with studies.
  • Take a nature walk.
  • It is okay to watch a movie, shop together sometimes.
  • Take turns doing what each of you likes as hobbies together.

Lastly, as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (spiritual leader) says (I quote in my own words) — In a relationship, never hurt or tread on a man’s ego and a woman’s emotions/ feelings.

All of this is sure to help and if you feel the need, I am here to have a girl to girl chat or session with your girlfriend. You too can always come back for a detailed discussion to help me help you sail through this.

We will sail through this, I am sure, you have the belief, your CAT and your girlfriend both.

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