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Poem: You and Me !!!

If words could speak, it would say it cannot bind in them our LOVE …

If music could sing, it would say no rhythm can sing the song of our LOVE …

If the air could sniff, it would say how my breath only breathes our LOVE …

If the gaze could see, it would say how my sight is just full of you my LOVE ..

You and Me | Happyfying Duniya

Only when silence converse,

Only when the heart carols,

Only when the soul perceives,

Can our LOVE be expressed !!!



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Sheetal Pungliya

A girl with profession and passion as "IT", former being "Information Technology" and later being "Inner Transformation" An avid Meditator and Yoga lover, shopping freak and a moody portrait painter Moto of Life - Serve, Smile and Celebrate Life !!!

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