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Life is a game about you and me A little of me and more of WE

I often wonder- Why are things the way they are?

Why do sometimes friends become acquaintances? Why do enemies become friends for no reason? Why do some people come in Life for a season or a reason and then vanish? Why is there loss? Why is there a failure despite preparation? Why does someone help us win? Why someone just walks in life to teach? Why are there people who bring tear? Why is there fear? Why a kind heart comes to ensure a smile? Why is there suffering at one place and celebration at other?

So many Why? Why? Why?

In Indian Vedic literature they termed all this into “Karma

Life is a game about you and me A little of me and more of WE

Whatever has happened, whatever is happening and whatever will happen is all because of the mysterious “Karma”.
The Bhagavad Gita says ‘Gahna Karmanyo Gathi‘, which means unfathomable are the ways of karma and yet it seems to be the only logic to explain this whole creation.


With this knowledge it gave some silence to the WHY’s

But trying to understand how Karma actually works was still a grey box (something beyond human intellect), a modicum of effort would be trying to understand – What is this Life, why do we do somethings and why do somethings come our way to do?
One day came a thought, what if I look at it as though entire world around with its people was like a stage set up for drama and on lead role was me and God / Guru as Director.

These few lines below is a correlation of the same and Life!!
Check it if it rings a bell 🙂

Life is a game about you and me
You being coach
The world your mascot
And only player me

Unknowingly each one here plays their part so very perfect
You knowingly help me go through and learn without much affect

You decide rules of game of which I am unknown
Only when the chance is done , then of it I know

Playing in world without guide book
Is a blunder one can do?
Then game becomes struggle
And Life – series of misfortunes

When I break the rules of this world, the world imposes penalties
But you with compassion amend fun to the game, for me

Knowledge is helpline
Bestest cheat is your grace
When going becomes difficult
You take my place

Funny though it sounds to get stuck with world of mannequins
Only way then to save the mind –
A little focus within

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Life is a game?!




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A girl with profession and passion as "IT", former being "Information Technology" and later being "Inner Transformation" An avid Meditator and Yoga lover, shopping freak and a moody portrait painter Moto of Life - Serve, Smile and Celebrate Life !!!

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