Flow chart to happiness

Happiness is simple

Do things that make you happy
Things you don’t enjoy, take a call, Do Not do it, you have a choice.
Believe me it does’nt matter..

Don’t drag yourself to do things you dont want to.

I used to crib while doing so many things at work, in life…
I just took a call once, i won’t do it, does’nt make me happy..
well there was little turbulance but I was happy
I put an end to my misery..

I know what ur thinking
There are so many things that you have to do, but can’t get around them.
Well then the choice remains that either you do it happily or in misery..

I say be happy & do it
You’ll do it well

For other things the flow-chart applies.

By Nilesh Talreja

Disclaimer: also posted on his blog http://pursuitinhappiness.blogspot.in/

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