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Madhugiri Fort – Historical place you must visit near Bangalore

We heard the whispering of the cold breeze and nature while wondering about 43 km north of Tumkur and involuntarily turned in the direction of the voice to find the source Madhugiri Fort, Asia’s second largest monolith.

The place is well-known for the Fort, ancient temples and for the adventurous trek the hill provides. The Madhugiri Hill is one of the largest monolithic with a height of 3930 feet and provides for a very good adventurous climb to the top. This place turned out to be a hidden gem right in Bangalore’s backyard. The fort has around 5 levels and the climb up is pretty steep. The fort has various towers that can be explored more. There is a dark, mysterious hole in the floor of one of the towers, when we shone our torch light we could not see the bottom. On the way trek up, there is a dangerous section with a steep inclination of around 70 degrees, which you need to climb with a flimsy rod (anchored to the rock) for support. Finally, sitting at the top of the fort you can easily look at the sunset which paints the sky in a dim orange luster.

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Prior permission for overnight camping inside the reserve is needed. We got the permission to have camping cum party there, on the top of the world, in the arms of mountains and greenery.

The Madhugiri State Forest, also known as Timmalapura Forest is close to Madhugiri.  From the height we are able to hear the sound of peafowl and sloth bears. Amplifier got plugged in, music was on, tents were ready, borne fire was lit. It was the perfect atmosphere to be in. Delicious food was served with the soft drinks and hookah. (Note: Carry everything from eating and drinking along with you, especially water).  

At the time of down trek, in the village, we found, temples dedicated to Venkataramana and Malleshvara stand side by side in the old town. Both face east and are built in the ancient Dravidian style of architecture with lofty towers. The place is just superb. There is a good parking facility available. But one will have to trek the full fort to have the iconic view. 

We had an awesome party time there and then we drove out from that magnanimous place with a cheerful heart and an uplifted mood! 


Climbing Asia’s second largest monolith gives a sense of accomplishment! I will say, If you are finding some places around for a party, just go for this unique one. Experience of adventure, thrill, peace, party, trek, love, everything is here, just waiting for you.

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