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Mother Earth thanked Indian Government over Beef Ban – She is HAPPY!

In an exclusive interview with Mother Earth in my imagination, Mother Earth heartily thanked Indian Government over the decision of Centre to ban the sale of cows (cattle) for slaughter at Animal Markets (Yes! Indirectly Beef Ban). She also congratulated every human being – as now as per her we are on the track of sustainable development. In this exclusive interview, when asked why did she thinks so? Her pointers made me realize where we were wrong and now how we are ‘un’doing most of the things.

Mother Earth - Beef Ban

Sharp Reduction in Green House Gases

Beef Ban - benefits Environment

As per the research conducted by Helen Harwatt at California’s Loma Linda University, they said – “If Americans stops eating beef, then there will be reduction of approx 50 to 75 percent of the Green House Gases (Responsible for Climate Change) by 2020”

Conservation of Water & Land

Earth Crying! Thanks to Beef Ban - now can smile

Research says, Beef requires almost 160 times more land to produce than veggies and around 80 to 100 time more water and thus results in several times more climate-warming emissions. Compared with staples like wheat, rice etc. the beef produce 11 times more Green House Gases.

Health Issues

Beef health issues

There’s a list of health issues – reading them – I hardly think anyone would be interested in having beef again –

  • Eating Beef hardens blood vessels
  • Increased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Meat puts your colon and brain at risks
  • Beef is full of harmful hormones
  • Makes you lethargic & lazy

After listening to this, I agreed with Mother Earth & then she again started & this time this was not from the head but from the heart. With tears of pain in eyes, Mother Earth asked – Why you are punishing these beautiful creatures? Have they done any harm to you? In spite of your cruelty – they are the most humble to you. They offer everything they have to you – Say it protein rich Milk or highly medicinal ‘Goumutra’ (Cow’s urinal).

Beef Ban – is definitely not just a political move! It’s for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT!Sweet Animals

I again asked her – but if humans will not eat them, Their population will increase & it will adversely affect your health again and again. To this she replied: There’s something called Food Chain which binds the whole planet with the perfect balance. Just make sure that these ultimately ignorant species on the planet known as “Human Beings” follows the chain.

Food Chain

I took her blessings & promised her to take every possible action to protect her.

Long Live Earth! - Mother Earth thanked Indian Gov for #BeefBan @narendramodi by @PrasadKarwa Click To Tweet

Beef Ban definitely will hurt EGOs of many people! But it’s OKAY!



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