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World No Tobacco Day – What’s important, Life or Greed?

I will not say that, Tobacco is bad and you should stop having it from this moment because it is an obvious fact. Even on packets of cigarettes, it is written in bold – INJURIOUS TO HEALTH. Yet, some extremely intelligent people have tobacco daily. Most of the people who don’t have tobacco reject and judge those who take it. Know this – “Hate the crime, not the criminal”. Listing out some of the points, why according to me, people consume tobacco

  • Peer Pressure – If I don’t smoke then no one in my friends’ circle will accept me. They will tease me. That’s too much of embarrassment & loneliness.
  • Addiction – Now, stopping Tobacco is not possible as I am addicted to it. If I will not smoke then it will itch me, my mind will eat me.
  • For show-off – There are many who just smoke for show-off. I am a DUDE if I am smoking. See my swag! See, I can smoke 10 cigars together. Yo Man Yo!
  • Depression – Society makes you feel you are depressed or stressful then the only way is to either smoke or get high on drugs or alcohol. Nobody taught us how to get out of depression and stressful situation.
  • Myth – So many weed smokers and alcoholics say – It is beneficial for health. Just a single line for them: “Short term pleasure, long term pain. Short term pain, long term pleasure”. It can be short term give relief but in long term having tobacco is a curse.
  • and there can be many others!

More or less, it seems like people are not aware of what they are doing with themselves. It’s easy to shun these reasons easily. Saying that I will never have tobacco for from now will never help (Everyone is a proof for this!). So, what’s the way out?

World No Tobacco Day

It’s simple. Take a vow of 1 day, that I will not have tobacco today. Then take a vow for 2 days, then 4 and increase the timeline incrementally and yes, do put punishment if you don’t follow. If you directly say for the lifetime, it will never happen. So,

  • Setting Timelines

  • Setting Punishments

A Little bit of Meditation will help to make you stay focused and committed on your milestone.

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