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Dear, casteist people of India (Open letter to all those who still consider caste above humanity)

Dear you,

From last few months, I was thinking about writing this article, as very few share sane things about this topic. I postponed it many times and then, I saw, we are repeatedly fighting against each other and it finally broke my silence on this issue. This letter might get a little long, but surely you will enjoy reading every part of it. And this is not going to be in any reference to historical events (Though title of the paragraphs may sound like that)

Where it all started?

Billions of years ago – (whenever) human race might have originated on this planet earth. Do you think, there were different categories among people who differentiate one from the other? Just think. I think your answer will match my answer. So, when did it all start? When did we start differentiating one human being from another? Might be some 1000s of years back when we started ‘growing’ – ‘developing’ (? — is this what we call growth). If we are saying we are more advanced today than 1000s year back, then dear, we are living in a world of dreams, don’t you think? How come we can even say that we are growing when we are not able to differentiate between DISABILITIES and DIFFERENCES.

Disabilities and Differences?

How these concepts of categorising people came? Isn’t this the most ridiculous and ignorant way of categorising people? There aren’t any differences between humans. Everyone – each and everyone is same. Some might have some disabilities, but disabilities don’t mean he/she is different from us. So, again, the question remains same – How it all started?

Bigger Perspective of Life

For years, our ideology of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam has been destroyed. Still, we say Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam but forget about Vasudhaiv (World), here we are not even seeing others around us, even our family members. Don’t know from where and how have we managed to develop so many differences amongst us – may be some prior bad experiences with Mughals and British have ingrained this into our DNA – so much suspicion that we don’t even consider our neighbour the part of our family.

If we see life from a bigger perspective, you will be amazed. Let me give the example which my mentor Saleel Pulekar always gives – In an inter-college match, if you are in Division A, and Division B is your opponent then we tend to treat them like an enemy. There are many differences, but having said that, when the whole college is fighting against some other college, no matter the player is from division A or division B, we cheer for everyone and at that time we are on the same side as our opponent from Division B, and now the other college takes the place of our opponent. Now, at the time for state matches – you don’t see from which college the players are and you cheer them up – you cheer for your state. Then, similarly for the country (Biggest example is – we don’t ask for the religion or caste of any player in our National Cricket Team – We love them, We cheer for them).

Now, the fun fact. If we grow our perspective bigger – let’s take a hypothetical situation – you are on Mars, bored, alone and you suddenly see a cockroach – I bet you will talk to it – “Hey, Cockroach! You are also from Earth – I am also from Earth – Let’s cheer on this land of unknowns.“, though it will not reply you, you will definitely become more happy and joyous.

When we see ourselves from the bigger perspective and when we have a broader vision in life – You will consider each and everyone, part of you and then no power will be able to incite you against anyone else. You may be angry for some time but you definitely will not stoop down to the level of violence and fights against each other.

All this is a philosophical thing. Where’s practicality?

Are you thinking, that, I am counter-writing my own philosophy? Not at all. I am just very keen to share the most amazing story of my Grandmother with you all – to solve all this stupidity. The story goes like this,

Me and my siblings used to fight a lot (We still fight a lot 🙂 ) and most of the times, the fight used to start with – “Tu Gadha..” (You donkey) and then as a warrior my Grand Mother used to come to rescue all of us from the fight. Whenever she used to enquire how this all started, and then after listening all our melodrama, she used to say – When he said you are a donkey, and you reacted, that means you accepted the fact you are a donkey (Make sense!). Frankly, that time I hadn’t realised this logic but today it makes a lot of sense. 

Some XYZ comes and incites us – talking rubbish and absolutely senseless things and then we react to that. Same childhood story, just characters and intensity is different. Don’t you think, if you are reacting – you are a big fool? You basically are giving importance to that senseless stuff. But that doesn’t mean that we should keep calm and let these foul mouths spread their venoms. “Educate and Ignore” (Quote by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) would be the best formula. If we stop giving attention to these idiots, they will have no choice but to shut & if they are still influencing others – then wise would be to take a concrete step. Can’t say what but there should be skills in action and our action should be – impactful but not inciteful.

P.S.: So, dear BRAHMANS, DALITS, KSHATRIYA, MARATHAS, MARWARIS, GUJRATIS, MALAYALI etc.. etc.. etc.. If you want to stick with you “micro” identity and live in the darkness of the small world, then, I can just say, GET WELL SOON. We need you to spread love, peace, and happiness. Wake up and see – we, me, you everyone are same. Let’s live peacefully and happily.

With Love,

A Human! 

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Prasad Karwa

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  1. Wow…✌️✌️??…. really good n absolutely true.. …I appreciate your way of thinking….

    Apart from poverty , unemployment , population……etc…Castesim is one of the reason why India is still developing country…or underdeveloped country .. whatever…

    Castesim kills the spirit of patriotism..( how many times we say my caste , my community , my state…then come India..n would….(exception is sports )..

    Atleast spirituality connect all of us at soul level…that is the ultimate truth…we are all one at spiritual level..

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