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Who will accept them?

Usual yet Unusual

One fine day, I was wasting my time on my twitter timeline. To be extremely frank, I love to read replies to the tweets of Rahul Gandhi, Abhishek Mishra, Hardik Patel, & other many leftists and handles of oppositions. People are extremely creative while criticising and trolling these people. But somewhere I felt – it is still okay, people are criticising the Government in the power and also criticising opposition. But what about those whom we call leftists? I saw, there’s a lot of hatred in people for them & no one is ready to accept them or their point of view. That was scary for me. Why?

Childhood Story

Sharing a story from my childhood – “(Name Changed) Rohit used to be my best friend & we used to fight for each other. Many students in Junior KG, Senior KG & even in 1st and 2nd used to pee in their pants & we used to make fun of them to such an extent that – the kid could cry for the whole day. In the 3rd class, my best friend – Rohit peed in his pants & everyone started laughing at him, making fun of him, abusing him (though not so hard). Don’t know why I felt very offended and I almost hit 2-3 other friends in support of my friend.” It might be just an incident but today, I realize that what it is like to be ignored or not being accepted in the society. If nobody is listening to you – it is extremely painful.

Connection & Ego

Don’t know why, but I feel, today, the situation is almost same. Those, whom we call leftists – we are not accepting them. Even if they want to change they will not because of fear of not getting accepted by those who accept them now. In today’s generation, the biggest fear is of loneliness. None wants to be lonely.

Many of times, I too rant about these people because of their behavior. But today I feel somewhere I was wrong. My intent was never to listen to them & look from their perspective and then have a dialogue with them to resolve the issue. In putting our point we generally lose our sensitiveness and we hit them hard on their ego & let me tell you – Broken Ego is worst than Broken Heart - @PrasadKarwa Click To Tweet. Their small desire to be on this side will also die and this is what happening today. This is bad!

Story of Acceptance

If at any point in life – If someone is supporting me for me being wrong & rights are cursing me continuously – believe me, I would love to be wrong forever. If the society is not accepting me because of my past – what’s the point in leaving the past then? Theoretically, it is easy to say – people will accept you if you change your perspective – but practically there are extremely few examples.

Don’t demand Respect – Command Respect

One interesting example of Smokers/ Drinkers – Most of us make a big mistake of breaking the friendship with friends who smoke or drink because you don’t smoke or drinks. Another thing is that you don’t want to be in their company and get affected enough to start drinking and smoking – but it depends on person to person – if you have confidence in yourself, this is just a matter of time. If you just accept them as they are and be good friends with them – believe me, whenever you are nearby them – they will not smoke, nor they will drink. They will respect you. But for this, you need to accept them for a considerable amount of time and bear their irresistible smoking and drinking. They might make fun of you, they might criticise you – but I think this is all okay in friendship. Soon, the day will come they will respect your decision.

Still any issues? Here’s the ultimate solution!

Some might be thinking – that what about those who are actually evil & never want to be on the positive side? or can say in the language of Twitter, what about Anti-Nationals, Leftists or Urban Naxals? Say it loud with me – LOVE MOVES THE WORLD. If you have a small intention of accepting someone – it can create magic.

Sharing this small video of how Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has brought so many Naxalites into the mainstream – this is all possible due to accepting them as they are and listening to them. I believe – the world is an extremely awesome place when you are ready to accept and listen to everyone & not just the ones on your side.

From now onwards – I will definitely try to listen to all those who oppose me / my ideologies & also start accepting people unconditionally. Let’s spread the love.


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