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What would happen if LIBERALS come to POWER in India?

Let’s see – What would happen if LIBERALS come to POWER in India (It’s SCARY).


Favorite amongst the liberals, for me – is the Azaadi Gang from one of the most reputed, prestigious, well-known, ‘always in the lime-light’ college – Jawaharlal Nehru University. You might be well aware of all the nonsense that happened in JNU in February 2016, when Kanhaiya Kumar along with Umar Khalid was booked for charges of sedition. What was all issue about? According to reports – they were shouting slogans like – “Hame Chahiye Azaadi, Kashmir Mange Azaadi” (We want Freedom, Kashmir wants Freedom) & not just that – but they were also protesting against hanging of the parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

Now just imagine, what if these people come into power – what would they do? People who believe that country should be divided, people who believe that terrorist is martyred, people who believe that Indian Army rapes women in Kashmir & people who with all this shit – yet try to influence the mind of others – are more dangerous than terrorists.

According to some, these people are revolutionaries & ones with different thinking – I want to tell them to look at Wiki page of any of these. Revolutionaries don’t give birth to controversy – they give birth to a movement which lasts for ages and from no angle any of these idiots’ so-called revolutions – will last for an appreciable time.


Reminds me of the most interesting person – Shobhaa De. “Goal of Team India at the Olympics: Rio jao. Selfies lo. Khali haat wapas aao. What a waste of money and opportunity” – She wrote during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. I seriously doubt, when was the last time this lady praised someone? These type of LIBERALS, who portray themselves as high intellectuals are nothing but parasites to the nation. The one who can’t praise – can’t run the country. People want a leader, not a boss.

Not just Shobhaa De, but there are many such parasites in our country. The latest parasite is Swara Bhaskar. Believe me, after reading her views – I felt as a more valuable ASSET to the country. I do not condemn the freedom of expression of people but freedom comes with discipline, not with insanity.

Imagine these pseudo-intellectuals in POWER – India would feel like reduced to ….. Yes! You guessed it right.


What was the most used word before 2014? – Scam, Corruption, Terrorist Attacks, what about post-2014? Development, GDP, Surgical Strike, Policies etc. – You don’t have any choice but to agree with me.  Yes! I classify political parties (people) into liberals also. Remember! If CONgress comes to power again – the same cycle of nonsense will repeat.

What other option we have – AAP? brrghhhh!!! More than governance – I think Mr. Kejriwal is more eligible to be publicity stunt critic (Oh! That’s some new JOB Profile).  If AAP comes to power, then in just five years – Indians will be fighting for basic needs. Note it down!

What is it that makes you feel suspicious & that there’s an effort to create unrest in the country by these liberals?

  • When you see unnecessary protests – if the issues date long back – know that liberals are at work.
  • When you see #NotInMyName , #AwardWapsi blah blah blah.. which directly or indirectly damages the integrity of the nation – know that liberals are at work.
  • When before every state government election – any small topic incites communal riots – know that liberals are at work.
  • When being famous – is not an effort & one just has to tweet something radical and anti-national – know that liberals are at work.
  • When there is a selective protest against any issue – know that liberals are at work.

To all of you reading my article – All I want to say is – off the 70 years of independent India, 55 years were under the rule of INC. Where are we today? Whose fault is it? Who is responsible? In the last 4 years – many might have felt little tension in the country – but just go and look around, your problems have changed. There’s constant pressure of creating a ruckus in the nation to destabilize the current government but it is extremely appreciable that current government despite all odds – is being successful in everything.

It’s just 4 years – we are healing from the wounds, little pain is bearable for long-term gain. Just imagine for the last time. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF LIBERALS COME TO POWER IN INDIA?

P.S.: Please do comment on the article & let me know your views on this?

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Prasad Karwa

Current Affairs is what attracts me. I am a Social Media Enthusiast. Love to play Chess & to Meditate. Happy Being Busy! Busy Being Happy!

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  1. See, after the Emergency era of 1975, the most governments came in power was allied governments. And on the path of this alliance era, congress and leftists were always an ally. For most of the time leftists supported the congress government in bottle neck situation and in return of that they acquired the top offices in governmental institutes like FTII, JNU, IITs, VIgyan Bharti, Doordarshan etc.
    With help of that they spread the venom of communist ideology in the bureaucracy and the top minds of the nation for quite long time. But after the 2014 elections, BJP came in power with absolute majority, and started replacing the top offices of governmental offices with right wingers. And the Award wapsi, JNU issue, FTII issue, are some of the example of outrages of leftists.

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