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Being Judged?

Judge For Yourself!

Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover!
Sounds a very positive quote, isn’t it?
Sadly, we are always critiqued,
By the people that we know.
By title or occupation,
And by the ownerships that we show.

They say it is an inside thing.
But then they judge the outside shell.
They have no idea that we put on masks,
To hide the pain or being judged by them.

It’s easy for others to look at you
And make judgements about you,your present, your past.
And most of the time without knowing the truth.
Ironic!! Isn’t it?
They would be really amazed by the oceans of tears a single smile hides.

Judgement is an impression in your mind.
You love judging others,
But also don’t want to be judged.
Yet the world cannot move without judgements.

A judgement happens automatically.
Until you judge something as good or bad,
You cannot perform actions.
Simply, if your are asked to choose between good or rotten apples –
You always buy the good ones!
But the whole thing has just become a tendency.

True fact is that you need to judge your company.
It doesn’t matter what they think,
It matters what you think!
You don’t need them to know the truth,
You need to remind yourself of the truth!
You don’t need them to accept you or the situation,
You need to come to your own acceptance of yourself and the situation!

Finally, you can’t stop others from judging,
So focus all your energy on detaching.
Your own company can create hell for you in the heaven,
But also can create heaven for you in the hell.
Judge for yourself!


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My writings are a way to reach out people to make them understand different aspects of life and this world. Whenever I am amazed with something new I end up writing my views in a form of poem, articles or small phrases. I personally perceive that life is too short and if we understand the way of living it then it'll become more pleasing and breathtaking!

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