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Casteism – Weapon of modern day Demons !

You must have read stories from the life of Lord Krishna, Rama that in old times when sages(Rishis/Munis) used to do yagya for the betterment of society, environment and peace of mind, demons used to come and put obstacles in it; try to destroy yagya.

Lord Rama’s Guru Vishwamitra came to Raja Dashrath to seek Rama’s help (well Guru needed help? really? maybe plan was different, to make Rama aware of society’s current state) to destroy these demons. Demons who kept coming in different changing forms n shapes and with different weapons in their hands to threaten the common man were destroyed by Lord Rama so that yagyas continue and benefit peace-loving people. What an amazing story right?
What would have been the reason that demons didn’t want peace and progress ? well there isn’t really any reason apart from fact that these demons survive on these -ve things like division, destruction, fights, and chaos!! Well their sole existence is based on that , that cant see any good happening to others.
Well let me tell you this story is valid even today. Today there is yagya in progress to make India peaceful, spiritually evolved, developed and better again and take her to its original glory and maybe more than that like never before.But there are some people(current time asuras) who are not happy about this, they are frustrated  of course for various reasons one of the major reason is their existence is in danger! and hence these demons use different platforms and use different weapons to threaten the common man and to disrupt that yagya of peace n progress.
Its been seen that platforms these asuras use normally are of Dalits, poor and deprived community and use the weapon of Casteism, hatred to stoke fire against the other community, the thing is intention of these asuras is not wellbeing of Dalit’s & poor but to gain the power and become relevant again!
Britishers have played their worst game very well, to divide, fool and then Rule!
But unfortunately that has been continued by some people in India today with likes of Jignesh Mewani, Umar Khalid, BG Kolse Patil and bunch of leftist people in media who support their rhetoric for their personal gains! These people have absolutely done nothing for Dalits betterment.
If Dalits are being brainwashed by these asuras that they were deprived in golden times of India and other communities have always oppressed them then they don’t know the history, 80% of the Rishi/Munis who were old age scientists were from Dalit community, Sage Valmiki who wrote Ramayana is the best example. A lot of disruption has come to indian caste system due to British and its in a way broken down.
Dalits should understand the conspiracy of these few asuras and stop getting brainwashed by these leftist losers who are trying to use them for personal gains!
Common man Dalit/non-dalit who is getting beaten and dying on the ground doesn’t get anything. Dividing people is very easy but connecting them is not so easy story!
Where belongingness ends division begins .. casteism, racism, gender difference are their different forms! I have seen in all caste’s there are large hearted great people and some narrow-minded ones, narrow-minded ones need to be isolated whichever caste/religion they belong too, for that all good and peace loving people need to be united and awake !!
Dalits, non-dalits and all castes should just know that they are part of one divinity, because, that’s the truth!!
When everyone realizes everyone is part of the same universe and breath the same air, air which Dalits breathe same air non-dalits breathe and vice versa, those doubts in head automatically drop and this rhetoric run by few where it says caste cant be get done with bites the dust! As all differences start in heads but they get healed when one moves to heart, higher truth!!
If we can make sure that ones identity pride is not so extreme that it doesn’t encroach others freedom and move from our head to heart neither will remain these weapons of casteism nor will there be demons !! 🙂
As Sri Sri says beautifully “There is nothing right about “Right” and there is nothing left in “Left” 🙂 we need to follow middle path!!”
May the peace prevail .. 🙂
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