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Who are you? This moment!!

Warrior! Who a warrior really is?

Someone who is aggressive and ferrocious all the time and scares away people around him,or someone who is inhuman and doesn’t give a thought before hurting anyone? Not at all!A warrior is simply someone striving to be better and better at whatever he does.He is always ready to face all the odds and overcome any obstacles that might come in his way.Of course he fights!!He keeps fighting with that little voice that says you can’t make it. He breaks his comfort zones to be the best. He does not settle where he doesn’t belong.He has the power to destroy all the negativity around him and create waves of wonder and enthusiam wherever he goes.

Who are you?

The thoughts that cross your mind like the clouds cross the sky,or the emotions that keep changing just like the changing weather? Are you the clothes that you wear or the makeup that you load yourself with? Are you the failures that you come across when wanting to achieve something or those rewards that gave you momentary pleasures? Are you the gadgets that you own or the money you keep running behind? Are you the fame and name that loves attention or a middle class man who’s happy with mediocrity! My dear folks,you are none of this(fortunately:p). You are the spirit alive in this moment.When it merges with the event,you simply become the moment.So “you” are the moment,”this moment”! The only time that exists and has ever existed is now.When you realize this and drop all the concepts in your mind,you are no more separate from the time and space you are in,you simply blend with it and that is when you can truly experience “this moment”! Having realized this, you won’t take even a planck time to realize you are yourself a warrior.Your spirit only knows to be the best and be hundred percent with the moment.Perfection becomes unavoidable.

The Movie!

Even I had many concepts about a warrior until I came across this movie named,“The peaceful warrior”.This movie revolves around an aspiring gymnast who,ever since was born,had his eyes on the gold that he would probably be rewarded with,if he wins in the olympics.This was the only thing that he was sure about that he loved and so just like anyone else he begins his journey of getting trained by a coach.But little did he know life had something more to offer him much more than just a gymnast coach. He met his life coach who taught him the art of living.Now,for us, what is living?Getting an education followed by a job with a big fat salary and then starting our search for a life partner.Then the society waits for our kids and then we retire waiting for death.If you haven’t found your life coach yet and this is exactly your plan, then trust me you are normal :p Life takes a turn only when one finds a guru or a life coach.Is living really an art and do you need to practice it? Yes my dear friends!! You’ll be amazed to know things that I learnt from this movie.


Usually,our mind has a tendency to get caught up in too many things happening around us. Whereas, true joy lies in taking up one activity and being completely engrossed it,being hundred percent with it.Now you might think living is all about keeping yourself engaged in some activity! But let me tell you the secret! The real magic and wonder lies in stillness.You can only enjoy life moment to moment and you can only enjoy a moment by becoming one with it! You are the seer and your surroundings are a part of the scenery! When every cell of your body is alive and attentive towards the surroundings,you become one with the surroundings and go deeper in your existence.Difficult to understand?:P  Only a sadhak can understand this.Who is a sadhak?Simply somone who knows that the present moment is inevitable and lives in the present moment!Living needs a perfect blend of intellect and spirituality.Imagine,you want to reach at the top of some hill station.You decide you’ll go there walking.Now imagine you recently had a break up or some failure in your academics or career.Imagine you have lost someone or for that matter none of this.Your mind will simply keep oscillating between past and future even without you being aware about it!You won’t even bother to observe your surroundings.Anything unusual on the way will scare you easily.Your focus remains only on the destination and whole journey loses it’s charm. Whereas,a sadhak gets enchanted by everything around him.The depth in every moment keeps him in wonder.He keeps talking to trees & montains and dancing with animals.Birds give him wings! People around aren’t just what they appear to be! They are a bunch of consciousness that make every moment alive! For a sadhak,there are no ordinary moments!


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