A recitation.

Sri Sri says — “Sometimes … we cling on to the appearance instead, and that is also lack of Vivekā or discrimination.” Here is a conversation to be interpreted as a metaphor for the above statement which was so simply and objectively put forth by Sri Sri.

Who’s there; on the shore?
Don’t you cherish life anymore?
I saw you standing on the altar,
Where was it, that you did falter?

When I look around, I see
A problem with everyone,
A boy or a girl it might be.
All of them, in an eternal race
But there are no winners in this case
All the kindness and emotions, look fake.
In the end, it’s all give and take.

I think, I understand your prospect,
but you’ve got to know, nothing is perfect.
It’s the compromises along, that move us,
and all through this, use love further thus.
Its not the food and air that keeps us alive,
all you need is a will to survive.

There’s no meaning left,
When you already have it all,
Its all about not giving up,
When you fall.
When stuck in hell or heaven,
Listening to your soul’s call.
Facing the miseries,
In the way, standing tall.

The man is he, who gives,
Not for self, but for others he lives.
Nothing you’ve brought, Nothing you’ll take.
All this is illusion, all this is fake.
It’s best you find some purpose while living,
because time, my fellow, is unforgiving.
Pleasure is his, who lives for others, in this run.
Like the sublime mother nature under the sun.

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