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It is never ever too late

Everyone has his/her own time zone

It is never ever too late!
-Varun Bhagwat

Whoa, I thought, I really need to get a life. A new one, the one I’d meant to have all along. I was not getting any younger, and I was in serious danger of living out my days without ever once going for it. Without even trying to achieve my lifelong dream of writing a novel.
-Claire Cook

We always have this presumption of doing certain things at the certain age only. It may be true about few things. But what if some of us miss doing things at the ‘so called right time?’ Don’t they deserve a chance to do it afterwards? Well, they do.

The time comes for everyone of us. We just need to wait, watch and feel the vibes to understand that right moment. Time tests us.

Claire Cook is an American writer who wrote a novel based on which a movie was made known as ‘Must love dogs’.

She walked on a red carpet at the screening of the movie.

She said, “This was the year I turned fifty, which in Hollywood years I’m pretty sure is at least eighty-two.”

This was one of the best moments of her life which she wanted badly.

At that moment, she thought to herself,

“Just over five years before that, I’d been sitting with a group of swim moms (and a few good dads) at 5: 30 A.M. My daughter was swimming back and forth and back and forth on the other side of a huge glass window during the first of two daily practices that bracketed her school day and my workday as a teacher.
The parental conversation in the wee hours of that morning, as we sat bleary-eyed, cradling our Styrofoam cups of coffee and watching our kids, was all about training and form and speed, who was coming on at the perfect time, who was in danger of peaking before championships, even who just might have a shot at Olympic trial times.

In my mind, I stepped back and listened. Whoa, I thought, I really need to get a life.”

And she got scared after thinking all this. She wanted to do something different. She had that ability but she was living a mediocre life.

She realised that She needs to write and go for something which was her dream. She converted her thought into action and just went for it. She wrote a novel and published it too.

That ‘Must love dogs’ gave her the love of fans.
She got famous at the age of 50.
Now, she is a best selling author of 11 novels.

So, let’s just be patient.
Let’s hang on.
Everyone has his/ her own time zone.
It’s a race against time.
It is a race against our own selves.
It’s a race that says everyone works in a different time zone.
It’s upto us that whether to do it even if it’s late or just scare to begin because of the presumption stating, “Now is not the time. It’s too late.”

Claire Cook said,

“Anything can happen.
It is never ever too late.”

-Varun Bhagwat


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